After a fairly long drive, Nikki and I arrived in Virginia Beach. We took a pleasant stroll along the sandy beaches, and then dropped by a Beatles-themed pub to try out the Lobster Mac and Cheese that we saw on their menu.

The Mac ended up being pretty good, but it did have us wondering: what exactly IS the limits for what we can call Mac and Cheese? This dish used shell pasta, and not macaroni. The cheese was a basic cream cheese-based sauce, but with a bunch of added herbs and spices for extra flavor. (They also added a layer of shredded parmesan along the top, but it didn't really stand out all that much.) All of these things tasted alright when mixed together, but it just didn't register as "Mac and Cheese" to either of us - The noodles and the spices make for a much different experience. It was still good, and we happily finished it, but I would have loved a cheese sauce that focused on the cheese more than the herbs. Oh, and the lobster was okay, but didn't really stand out, like it had for other lobster Macs on this trip.

Anyways, I overall liked the dish. Was it Mac and Cheese? I'm not 100% convinced. But I am glad that we tried it!