Nikki, my sister, and I were walking along the Freedom Trail in Boston, and came across the Bell in Hand Tavern, a bar that purports to be the oldest tavern in America. (Having served their first beer in 1795, and only ever pausing for prohibition.) That's pretty neat, but when their menu told us that they had a baked Mac and Cheese dish we definitely had to try it!

I ordered a beer and their Mac and Cheese, with both breadcrumbs and lobster. Like the Yarde Tavern's Mac, the dish started out fairly soupy but tightened as the dish cooled. But unlike the Yarde Tavern dish, the Mac here was super delicious and cheesy! Their sauce used a blend of cheddar and mozzarella, and was beautifully creamy. They used cavatappi noodles (not macaroni), their breadcrumbs brought a good tasty crunch, and the lobster was both tasty and plentiful. All-in-all, a great Mac!

I really enjoyed my time in the Bell in Hand Tavern. Their beer was fine, the staff were quick and attentive, and their Mac and Cheese was something I'd look forward to getting again.