When doing research for our current trip, Nikki and I saw that a new Mac and Cheese restaurant was opening up in Richmond, Virginia right around the time that'd we'd be passing through. We crossed our fingers, and hoped to check it out, but we were fully prepared for this new business to just not be ready in time for our visit. But as luck would have it, we showed up on their first day of business, and got some of the very first Macs sold!

Now, to be clear, they were not 100% ready - the brick and mortar location was still under construction, and so they set up a food truck outside. While the truck had a whole bunch of adorable Mac and Cheese-themed artwork on it, some details (like the menu) weren't present. I think this was because the truck is mostly meant to service pickup orders, and not for random walk-up orders. However, ordering from their site was confusing, and trying to call their phone sent us directly to their voicemail. Nikki and I still decided to just go there anyways, and see what happens. I'm so glad we did!

The owners of the restaurant were at the truck, and were HAPPY to take our orders. The dish was ready in just a few minutes, and everything about our dishes made me absolutely love this restaurant. I got their "Classic Mac," and Nikki got the "Mac Lorraine." Our dishes were identified via these stickers:

Our dishes came out with these ADORABLE stickers attached!

They are just the cutest things ever! Anyways, as for the dishes themselves, Nikki and I each took a bite of our respective dishes, and immediately just said "Five" to each other. These Macs had macaroni noodles cooked perfectly. They had a sauce that was gooey, and just perfectly cheesy! My classic Mac was practically a love letter to white cheddar, and Nikki's Mac Lorraine had delightful chunks of bacon, with a Gruyère cheese sauce that perfectly complemented it, and the mixed-in scallions imparted a subtly oniony bite that perfectly cut the richness of the rest of the dish. Artfully done.

Nikki's Mac Lorraine, with bacon, scallions, and a Gruyère cheese sauce.

This restaurant was so good! I wish them all the best, since this was a Mac and Cheese clearly made with love! I greedily wish that they were opening closer to us, but if you are in the Richmond area, you should definitely visit BigWife's Mac n' Cheese!

To finish this write-up, here one last picture from our visit:

Epic cheese stretch!