Nikki and I spent a day in Barre (pronounced "Berry"), Vermont, to check out their charming downtown, walk through some parks, look at some trees, and all those kind-of fun Vermont-related activities. While there, we dropped by the Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen, a modern American pub in the Barre downtown.

I got the Sugar Shack Mac (with Vermont maple syrup and chopped bacon) and Nikki got their Bacon Jalapeño Mac. Both dishes used cavatappi noodles (not macaroni) and both dishes used their Vermont white cheddar sauce. That sauce was fantastic, by the way - super smooth and creamy, with loads of nutty-but-subtly-tangy cheesy flavor. My dish was extra unique, due to its inclusion of maple syrup, giving every bite just the tiniest kiss of sweetness. I wasn't entirely sure if I was a FAN of that flavor combo, but by the end of the meal, I was like "yeah, I think I am." The bacon was alright - I would have liked to have had a bit more. Nikki enjoyed her dish as well - the jalapeños brought a slightly vegetal flavor to every bite, which was fun. Overall, a solid 4!

So yeah, if you're in Barre (or Montpelier - they're fairly close) you should check out the Mac and Cheese at the Cornerstone Pub!