Nikki and I were in the mood for some Mac and Cheese, and she had heard some good things about a place called "Flights",  so we decided to go check it out. Flights does comfort food, tapas style, so you get kinda small portions, but several of them. The Mac and Cheese came with 3 different Macs:

The Classic Mac.

First up, was the "Classic" Mac. My guess is that they used a simple jack + cheddar sauce. It was flavorful, but the sauce was way too runny. Good showing, tho. If they actually delivered a full portion size, I'd probably give this Mac a 3 or 4. (Probably 3.)

The Truffle Mac.

This Mac is maybe okay if you love truffles. I don't, so I was overall unimpressed. The cheese flavor was real scant, and the truffle flavor was just way too overpowering. I'd probably skip this one, if I were to go back.

The Bacon & Jalapeño Mac.

Then there was the "Bacon & Jalapeño" Mac. I'm gonna be honest here, they delivered these plates unlabelled, and I made it through half of the above thinking that I was eating the "Classic" one. Like, I tasted zero Jalapeño, and only the slightest essence of bacon. The sauce kinda tasted like the Classic sauce, but runnier, and less flavorful.

Overall, the Macs were only barely passable. The noodles were cooked okay, but the sauce was thin and runny. But I think the most damning thing about these Macs is the portion size. Looking at the above pictures, they might look like reasonable portions. But once you actually dig in, you'll notice that the dishes are around 1 noodle deep.

Portion size at Flights are around 1 noodle deep. Also, a spoon, for scale.

So yeah, portion sizes were pathetic. Especially since those 3 dishes (probably around 6 full bites of Mac and Cheese) cost $16.

And finally, the service that Nikki and I got at Flights was surprisingly bad. Now, I'm pretty sure that we had an outlier experience here, but this restaurant uses a little bluetooth button thing to ask for a check, and it took our waiter 15-20 minutes to actually show up with the check. Now, I don't want to be unreasonable, but Nikki and I could see the whole restaurant floor area, and the place was ~20% full, tops. And no group was over 5-6 people. And there were other waiters on the floor, having no problems. And even the other waiters and the bartenders were noticing his absence, and kept shooting us glances. Our waiter was just MIA.

And then for the strangest bit: After we paid, the waiter returned the check to us without my credit card, and then he kept trying to shuffle us out the door. I told him that I never got my card back, but he refused to believe me. After about 5 minutes of him "looking" for my card underneath our table, in the seat cushions, etc... the manager showed up. Only then did the waiter go into the back, and then immediately returned with my card. This was a very strange experience for me, since I've never had that happen at a restaurant before. But I definitely left Flights not only disappointed with my meal, but also with the feeling that I need to watch my bank statements for a while...

So yeah. All-in-all: I wouldn't recommend this place for Mac and Cheese. Or in general, really. I think you'd probably have to pay me to go back.