Homeroom has a special place in my heart. I've always loved Mac and Cheese, but most fancy Macs that I've attempted on my own were... okay. And most gourmet Macs that I've tried from restaurants were alright, but not good enough to count as their own meal. Then I had Homeroom.

Homeroom takes Mac and Cheese and elevates it to an art form. Nikki and I have gone several times now, and I have never gotten anything that I didn't like from them. This time around, I got the Gilroy Garlic Mac, with panko breadcrumbs on top, and hotdogs mixed in. It was incredibly good, with a pleasant garlic kick, and a super creamy sauce made from a Gouda + Pecorino Romano cheese blend. Nikki got one of their "experimental" Macs: the buffalo chicken Mac. (Note: this Mac is now available on the regular menu.) It was based on a delicious Cheddar + Jack cheese blend that complimented the buffalo sauce well. Overall, it had a slightly spicy, slightly sour taste that was excellent, and they did a homemade ranch drizzle over the Mac that balanced out the spiciness. I would rate both as a 5 out of 5 easily.

The Buffalo Chicken Mac, in all its glory.

In conclusion: you should really try this place out if you love Mac and Cheese. Their menu has many options to choose from, and each option comes with wine + beer pairings. (They really do take this mac and cheese thing seriously.) Honestly, it is the Mac and Cheese that I compare all other Mac and Cheeses to. They also have a cookbook which is very good. You can get it here on Amazon.