Nikki and I headed over to Snohomish, Washington, to not only get our latest booster shot, but also try out some new Mac and Cheese whilst there! A quick google search told us about a local chain restaurant called Hops n Drops who had what we were looking for, so we decided to check it out.

It was Friday night, so the restaurant was fairly busy when we got there, but they still found us a table pretty quickly. Hops and Drops is a local chain that has one of those casual-but-corporate aesthetics that makes the place feel oddly familiar, even though it's your first time going there. Like, something in between Fuddruckers and BJ's, if that makes any sense. After arriving at our seats, we ordered up their Mac.

The dish came out pretty quick, and overall, not bad! They opted to use penne noodles instead of macaroni, and had a Cheddar-Parmesan sauce that was overall pleasant, but could have been a bit more cheesy. (The first few bites were solid, but the sauce got more and more neutral the further down you got.) Still, an okay entry that'd I'd be happy to get again, so I'll give it a 3. Nikki got the BBQ Mac and Cheese which came with shredded carnitas, and she was a pretty solid fan of that one, so YMMV. No matter what, you should definitely substitute the side for some tater tots. They were super crispy, and came with a bunch of deliciously artery-clogging dips!

So overall, not bad! If you find yourself inside a Hops and Drops, hey, try their Mac!