This is the first restaurant that Nikki and I stopped at in Oregon, since it was literally in the lobby of our hotel. (How convenient!) Despite the hotel setting, the atmosphere was very nice, and the service was quick and friendly. The Mac and Cheese itself wasn't on the regular dinner menu: it was on the bar menu. But we asked for it directly, and it was served up quick.

The dish itself was pretty small, as it wasn't meant to be an entire meal. Despite the small size, the Mac was very worth it. The cheese sauce was delicious: slightly salty, with a good blend of cheeses. (Fontina, white cheddar, and parmesan.) The pork belly was very good. It tasted like a mix between pulled pork and bacon, and was very good at soaking up all the extra sauce. The bread crumbs added a little extra crunch, albeit not all that much taste. Plus, it was served in an adorable little skillet!

The sauce was a little runny, but very tasty and cheesy!

All-in-all, a solidly good mac and cheese! I'd go out of my way to come back here, and possibly try out some of the other items on their menu, since they also had a reasonable line up of fancy comfort foods.