Nikki and I decided to travel over to Mac Daddy for some Mac and Cheese. It's a cute little spot in the Potrero Hill district in SF. This place was interesting for several reasons. I mean, the decor was definitely... unique... I mean, it's not every day you see a fat portrait of Uncle Sam with a chicken leg telling you to eat more.


I mean, I thought it was funny, but I could imagine other people finding it a little off-putting. Apart from that mural, the restaurant was very nice, and I liked how the open the kitchen was. It let us watch our Macs being assembled, which was pretty cool to watch. When making Mac at home, I usually do the whole process in a pot, but the Mac Daddy chefs would finish the process in a fry pan. And since I ordered the garlic Mac, you could REALLY smell it too. :)

Our chefs, preparing our meals.

As for the mac itself, it was pretty good. I got the Garlic Mac with hot links mixed in, since I love garlic and this one is made with both garlic butter and roasted garlic. The sauce was made with gouda cheese and pecorino romano, and while it was definitely garlicky, it honestly could have done with a bit more cheese. The sauce was actually kinda runny, and didn't have any of those cheesy stretchy strands that I normally associate with Mac sauces. It was so runny, in fact, that the top noodles were almost dry, since the sauce flowed down, and pooled at the bottom. The whole thing was topped with some panko breadcrumbs, but they weren't toasted so they didn't really add much flavor, or even really all that much crunch. They also added scallions, and they were alright.

Overall, this Mac was decent. I wouldn't go too far out of my way for it, but if I found myself in the area, I'd stop by for a bite. Their hearts are definitely in the right place.