While passing through Raleigh (RAH-lee), Nikki and I checked out a place right off of US Route 1 called "The Mac House," to try out some of their cheesy offerings.

I'm always so excited to try out Mac and Cheese-focused restaurants like this, where Mac and Cheese isn't just a side dish or a single entree, but the focus of the entire place. And The Mac House did not disappoint! In addition to more conventional options (Classic, All-American, Chili) they had more wild options (Cheeseburger, Pizza, Caribbean Jerk, Spinach & Artichoke, ...) Nikki and I were feeling a bit WILD today, so I got the Cheeseburger Mac, and Nikki got the Pizza Mac.

Something that has to be said: the portion sizes here are HUGE! Nikki and I could only finish around half of our respective dishes! My cheeseburger Mac was pretty dang solid. It had a simple cheddar cheese sauce, with plenty of beef and bacon chunks. The cheese sauce was definitely more cheese than sauce, and so wasn't as gooey as I'd expect, but was still great. Personally, I found the iceberg lettuce a little distracting, and the noodles were a little undercooked, but what with the amount of cheese and abundance of love in the dish means that I can't rate this thing any lower than a 4. Nikki especially liked her pizza Mac, since it had the tomatoey oniony bite of a school lunch pizza, and there were some pleasant memories there.

Nikki got the Pizza Mac and Cheese.

So yeah, if you're in the area, try out The Mac House, but be ready for a second meal!