For our last day in Philly, Nikki and I checked out "Philadelphia's first Mac and Cheesery:" the Mac Mart.

Mac Mart is a deli-style Mac and Cheese spot, where they have a number of interesting cheesy dishes on the menu. I ordered their Wit' Mac, a cheese steak-inspired Mac, with ribeye, onions, and a ketchup drizzle. Nikki got their Margherita Mac, which is topped with mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. Both dishes build on the "Classic Mac" which uses a 7-cheese sauce. I didn't ask which cheeses, but from the taste, they went pretty heavy on the velveeta, which gave the sauce a thick, waxy, almost-gluey texture, and was actually a little gross. The ribeye was cooked pretty well, tho, and I actually thought that the ketchup worked well on the Mac, cutting the thick cheese with a sweet vinegary bite. Overall, I wasn't offended, but I'd pick The Dandelion if I was craving Mac and Cheese in Philly again.

So yeah, not a fan, but I do appreciate the pro-Mac and Cheese energy of the restaurant, doing things like Mac and Cheese egg rolls and Mac and Cheese wontons. But I probably wouldn't come back to try them.