Mac N' Out was one of the restaurants that I was most excited to try out. Nikki and I always research our road trips beforehand, looking specifically for places that serve Mac and Cheese. Mac N' Out caught our eye because it was not only themed entirely around Mac and Cheese, but also had some pretty good reviews. So after spending our morning at the Silver Sands State Park (a lovely park, btw) Nikki, my sister, and I dropped on by.

I ordered the "Fourth of July" Mac, which used a simple cheddar cheese sauce, had hotdogs and bacon mixed throughout, and was topped with breadcrumbs. The dish came out rip-roaring hot, and was loaded with macaroni noodles and cheesy flavor! I foolishly ordered the medium, which was apparently enough for 2 people. Everyone else ordered smalls, and so they fared much better than I did. Nikki chose the "Cookout Mac" which used a cheddar sauce, similar to mine, but then added ground beef, bacon, baked beans, and was topped with pickled jalapeño peppers. She was especially a fan of the beans. They worked SO well with the dish!

Nikki's Cookout Mac and Cheese.

My sister chose the Buffalo Mac, which came highly recommended by the cashier. It used cheddar cheese mixed with buffalo sauce, and was topped with celery, fried chicken, and bleu cheese. My sister isn't even a huge fan of Mac and Cheese (gasp, the horror!) but she really enjoyed this one. It was cheesy. It was tangy. It was a little bit spicy. And the celery soaked up a surprising amount of the dish's flavor, which made them delicious.

My sister's Buffalo Mac and Cheese.

Honestly, every single one of these dishes was an absolute delight, and I would happily get any one of them again. (Although I'd also be excited to try out one of the other items on their extensive menu.) I'm super happy to have visited this place. It takes Mac and Cheese seriously, and that's a fantastic thing.