Hooray! After all the covid lockdowns and cancelled trips, Nikki and I are finally off to visit a few new states and try out their versions of Mac and Cheese. We started this trip out in Nashville, Tennessee. Our hotel was located along Broadway, just walking distance from the Nashville downtown. While out on a walk, we dropped by the NashHouse, to try out their "Porky Mac" entree.

NashHouse is a modern saloon-styled restaurant, with tons of screens, and loud music. (Although not the live music that you'd see a few blocks down the road.) The restaurant made their Mac using a house queso sauce, and topped it with loads of white cheddar. While it was supposed to be a "bacon mac & cheese with house-smoked pulled pork", I tasted zero bacon in there. The cheese itself was pleasant and creamy, but pretty mild in the flavor department. The pulled pork was better, but do be ready for grease - that stuff pooled at the bottom of the dish, like, a quarter inch deep! Also they overcooked the noodles. Overall, I enjoyed the Mac, but Nikki got the Nashville Hot Chicken (with "No Mercy" spiciness), and that was a far better dish, IMO. (Although it was definitely NOT spicy - go down the road to Hattie B's if you want some fried chicken that is actually punishingly spicy.)

Overall, not terrible. But I'd probably get something else if we ever found ourselves at NashHouse again.