Nikki and I headed on down to the Portland Marina, since there was a nearly 100-year-old restaurant known for their lobster, and we really wanted to try some of their Lobster Mac and Cheese. However, upon arriving, we learned that they reduce their menus whenever cruise ships are in dock, and so they wouldn't make us any Mac and Cheese...

Soooo, a quick Google search later, and we found a small bar a few blocks away that also had Lobster Mac and Cheese on their menu. We headed over there, and after a nice 10-ish minute wait for the host to realize there was someone by the door, we got our seat, and ordered up some Lobster Mac.

Overall, this Mac was a reasonably solid! They used cavatappi noodles (close enough to macaroni) and a whole bunch of gruyère for their cheese sauce. Maybe the sauce could have been a little more rich, but overall, it was perfectly fine. The star of the show was the lobster, and the lobster was pretty dang tasty! Nikki got herself a lobster roll, which was good, although a little small.

Overall, not bad! Despite the minor SNAFU with the service, the food was of reasonable quality, and the location had a great energy as all the bar patrons were noisily enjoying the football game. All-in-all, I'd be happy to come back!