Next up on Nikki and my road trip across the New England states was New Hampshire. We stopped in Concord, got our hotel sorted, and then went for a stroll down Main Street, both to check out the State Building, as well as try out some Mac and Cheese at a place that the Barley House.

The Barley House is a charming tavern located right across the street from the New Hampshire State Building. We walked in, got our seat, and ordered up the "Mac and Cheese Your Way," which has a few different toppings you can add to the base dish. The Mac and Cheese itself was reasonably solid - they used cavatappi (not macaroni) noodles, and the cheese sauce was a "Guinness cheese sauce." To be honest, it just tasted like a standard medium cheddar sauce - I tasted no hint of Guinness in there. They also used Ritz crackers for the crust, which was buttery for sure, but I didn't like the texture - way too dry and crumbly. The real winner in this dish, however, was the bacon that I had added. The bacon was thick, crispy, and PLENTIFUL.

Overall, I enjoyed this Mac. Would I get it again? Maybe. But I'd also probably like to try some of the other items on their menu. Those burgers look pretty good!