Upon arriving in New Haven, Nikki, my sister, and I all went looking for a local Mac and Cheese place to try out. We ended visiting The Cannon, a local bar that serves exclusively vegetarian / vegan food, and had a Mac and Cheese dish on their menu. And hey, Mac and Cheese is easily made vegetarian!

The dish came out, and I was excited to see that they actually used macaroni noodles in the dish! (Not cavatappi, not penne, not bow-ties...) The cheese sauce used a cheddar, Monterey jack, and provolone blend that really packed a supremely cheesy punch, which was surprising given how little sauce they actually used. I would have liked to have had a little more sauce, but since every bite retained a cheesy punch, I guess they used just enough. I also had sauteed vegetables added, and while they were good, they didn't really compliment the rest of the dish that well, and I probably wouldn't get them again.

Overall, a fine Mac and Cheese experience. If Nikki and I came back here, I'd happily get this again, just probably without the sauteed veggies.