After a couple of hours of soaking up the dry Arizona heat, Nikki and I sought refuge in this quaint little cafe. Partly to soak up the AC, and partly to try out the tasty looking Mac and Cheese plate they listed on their online menu. I was a little surprised, since the item listed on their online menu was a green chili Mac, but the item that we saw on the printed menu in the restaurant (The "Sergio's Mac & Cheese") was a baked pesto Mac. Still, it looked good, so we ordered up some root beers, some Mac, and also decided to check out their artichoke dip appetizer.

The artichoke dip came out first, and was simply delicious. It was loaded up with 3 cheeses (aged provolone, cream cheese, and asiago) as well as a hint of green chilis. Nikki and I kept eating this dish, even after we were stuffed with Mac! I'll have to remember that cheese blend for the next time that I make artichoke dip...

Artichoke dip with crispy tortilla chips

But for the main event, we got the Sergio's Mac & Cheese, and I have to say, it was very different from what we typically get with Mac and Cheese. The dish itself was very firm, and casserole or lasagna-like, being baked and served in a neat little square. But after trying it out, both Nikki and I loved it! The Mac didn't really have a "sauce", like what I usually critique, but there was plenty of aged cheddar and fresh mozzarella cheese mixed in there, and the dish had a pleasant pesto drizzle over the whole thing. Everything blended very well, and felt refreshing.

Honestly, I ADORE this little cafe. Everything was tasty, the people were friendly, and it just had a nice vibe in general. The Mac was very much different from any Mac I've had before, and that is a very good thing! One of the reasons why Nikki and I set out to eat Mac and Cheese in all 50 states is so we could see how people in all 50 states interpret it! And this was a very fun version. I'd come back here in a heartbeat!