Nikki and I visited the North Gulch district in Nashville, primarily so that we could check out the Pins Mechanical Company (an arcade with a whole bunch of games and pinball machines), but also so we could check out The Mockingbird, a fancy restaurant with Mac and Cheese on the menu.

The Mockingbird has a chic, art deco-ish style, with leather seats, plenty of wood paneling, and all the 1920s geometric wallpapers that you could ever hope for. Nikki and I ordered a Mac and Cheese to split between us, along with some fried chicken (plus chorizo gravy) and some barbacoa.

Mockingbird's Mac and Cheese opted to use trottole noodles, which is SUCH an interestingly eccentric noodle choice that I'll pretend that I didn't notice they didn't use macaroni. :) For cheese, they used a cheddar, gruyere, and manchego cheese blend. It tasted phenomenal, with just the right amount of rich, creamy, cheesiness. If I had to complain about something, maybe the noodles could have been cooked 30 seconds more, and the sauce could have been a little thicker, but really, that would just be pointless nitpicking. This mac was fantastic!

So, long-story short, you should try The Mockingbird. The staff was phenomenal (I didn't even get to talk about awesome our waiter was), the food was super good, and the convenient access to a cool arcade was also pretty spiffy.