This "Mac and Cheese" from tillamook isn't strictly a mac and cheese, since it uses penne noodles instead of the typical elbow macaroni. But I'm perfectly fine with that, since the sauce was everything that I had hoped it would be. :)

The "mac" was cheesy. Crazy cheesy. They absolutely murdered the sauce with medium and sharp cheddars, which is to be expected from a cheese factory. The presentation was blunt and too the point. The sauce was definitely not smooth or creamy like other macs I've had. But for people who love Tillamook cheddar (like me) this "mac" is just sheer bliss. They could have used a little more bacon, but honestly, the main event was the sauce, and the main event was great.

Overall, I'd totally come back to get this Mac. Also to eat some more of their Cheddar cheese curds! :D