Nikki, my sister, and I dropped by the Union Station brewery to celebrate our first night in Providence. It is a fun and lively restaurant, and we happened to show up on Pub Trivia night. We grabbed a seat and ordered up their Mac and Cheese. (I added pulled pork.)

The dish came out quick and was pretty solid. The sauce used cheddar, jack, and smoked gouda cheeses, and was the perfect consistency but, to be perfectly honest, could have used a little more cheese - perhaps more cheddar specifically. The noodles were cavatappi (not macaroni) and were cooked alright, but a little bit over. However, the pulled pork was phenomenal, and any bite with the pulled pork (or their BBQ sauce) was a good bite. All in all, I greatly enjoyed this dish. We debated quite a bit about what score to give them, and landed on a very strong three. But with a little more cheddar (or maybe just a little salt) this could easily become four.

We all enjoyed our time at the Union Station Brewery! The Mac was good, the beers were great, and even though we showed up late to Pub Trivia, we still ended up getting third place. 🙂