Nikki and I traveled into the Seattle Downtown so we could watch the Les Misérables performance at the 5th Avenue Theater. While in the area, we also dropped by the Capital Grille, a fancy steakhouse with a fancy-looking Mac and Cheese on the menu. (It was only a block or two away.)

First thing that I want to call out - the service here was phenomenal! Our waitress was super friendly, and talked up their Lobster Mac and Cheese a LOT. We excitedly ordered it, and yeah, it was pretty dang good! The sauce was a little thin, but solid overall. It was primarily a cheddar sauce, but was topped with some Grana Padano, and also supposedly contained a few extra cheeses hidden in there. (But to be honest, if you had told me it was a solo Cheddar sauce, I'd probably believe you.) Still, the sauce was tasty, and the Mac came with some seriously chunky bits of lobster, which I was not expecting. Plus, at some point, our waitress dropped by to check out our Mac, and then told us that it was too "soupy," and got us a second serving for free. Honestly, I couldn't tell the two apart, so hey, free double portion!

Overall, a solid Mac and Cheese. Nice and tasty! A bit pricey, but that's what you get for ordering Mac and Cheese at a fancy steakhouse. Would I recommend it? If you're just looking for Mac and Cheese, well, this restaurant is only a few blocks away from Beecher's. But if you're already here getting a steak or something, definitely try out their Mac!

Aside: The father + son seated at the table next to us were talking kinda loudly, and I overheard the son casually mention that he hated cheese on pizza. WHAT!?