While in Albany, Nikki and I dropped by this fancy restaurant so we can try out their take on Mac and Cheese.

The Mac and Cheese at Wellington's is only a side-dish, but to be honest, the area around the state capital (where we were staying) was surprisingly light on the Mac and Cheese offerings. Still, we were excited to try it, remembering the "good Mac at a fancy restaurant" experience that we encountered at Charlie Palmer's in Washington DC.

This Mac had a lot going for it! They were using fancy hand-rolled pasta that was tasty, and had a great bite to it. The balsamic drizzle atop the dish was delicious. The chunks of chicken were well cooked and herby. But the weakest link was the sauce, which was so plain that I wondered if it even was a cheese sauce. Our waiter told us that they made it with a bunch of mozzarella, and a smaller portion of cheddar. Gonna be honest - couldn't taste either. And the lack of cheese made this more of an "interesting pasta dish", but leaves you wanting as a "Mac and Cheese". Still, I was happy to try it, and Nikki and I might even incorporate some of the dish's finer ideas into the Mac and Cheeses that we make at home. (Especially that balsamic drizzle.)

So if you're in the Albany downtown, Wellingtons is a fun place, with an alright Mac and Cheese. Maybe get it as a side? But for the main, the burgers were good, and the drinks were also great and surprisingly strong. 😅