Wow, it sure has been a while. So, how was 2020 for everyone else? Nikki and I moved to a new state one week before the lockdowns hit, so we have been living out of cardboard boxes for the last year or so. And this site has been pretty quiet as well: turns out that a global pandemic really restricts your ability to travel the country, eating Mac and Cheese. However, Nikki and I got shot full of Science (Pfizer) and we wanted to do something to celebrate it being 2 weeks since we got our second shots, so we went out with my sister to a Bothell-area pub that we had be eyeing for a while.

Beardslee is a neat little brewpub, with a cool looking industrial look to it. Service was quick, and they have a fantastic lineup of greasy eats, and tasty beers. Their Mac and Cheese itself was really freaking good. They make it with smoked gouda (one of my personal favorites), fontina, and Parmesan cheeses. It's loaded up with bacon and onions, and is just a joy. I really loved how well the smoked gouda comes out. The bacon was fine. It did its job. Personally, I rate it somewhere between 4 and 5, but I'll go with 4 since we typically reserve 5's for places that are on-par with Homeroom.

So yeah, if you find yourself in the Seattle area, definitely try the Beecher's Mac and Cheese but if you're in the Bothell area, Beardslee Public House is pretty dang great.